Beneath the Veil

A young godling of a long deceased Goddess’s soul splits and returns to the world. Pursued by a fanatic cult, the young godling must find way in the new world.


Illustration & Concepts

An old goddess known as Caravae the sky weaver loved the children of the land. Fearing the sun’s scorching rays, She built a protective net over the land to shield them from it. Out of fear of this new, unknown darkness, the children she sought to protect struck her down. With her dying breath, Caravae cursed the land into eternal darkness.

One fateful night centuries later at the site of Caravae’s death, a light cleaved the darkened sky as a new godling stirred. Upon seeing the spectacle of light, a fanatic cult investigated and hunts the new godling named Cara. She must find her way in the new world while avoiding those who wish to harm her on her search to find answers to her past.